Kicking and Screaming

If you noticed, The Shallow End went dark for the past couple of weeks. Turned out the lights, put a little “Gone Fishin’ ” sign in the window, locked the door, and left. Left for Italy for two whole weeks. Yes, I said Italy. I still can’t believe it myself. Let’s back up. The VP … Continue reading

10 Awesome Things About a Broken Refrigerator

Last week, our not-very-old refrigerator decided it had had enough, and decided to quit on us without any notice whatsoever. Just packed up its little Mary Poppins bag and stomped out the door in a huff. I know, so rude, right? For  a few days I whined and complained, but in light of the terrible weather now … Continue reading

Halloween Costumes, My Nemesis: So We Meet Again

How’s everyone doing with getting their kids’ costumes together this year? We ordered ours. Mostly. Trust me, there’s a good reason for that. Every year, Lucy decides on a Halloween costume that is quirky, strange, and “out there”, just to make sure no one else she knows is doing it. So, yes, these are not … Continue reading

Humiliation: It’s a Good Thing

VP and I often talk about how small choices in our lives might have made a difference, to the point where if a certain thing happened, or didn’t happen, maybe we would never have met. Neither one of us got terrific grades, for example. What if one of us had studied harder? Or at all? … Continue reading

But Does He Do Windows?

Much to my chagrin, every time I clean the house it somehow gets dirty again. I don’t have time for this, people. I am a Very Important Writer, and besides, my mom is many people are waiting for me to post.  So I have decided I need a housekeeper. Good help is hard to find, … Continue reading

Sandwich Pants

Can someone please help me? My husband, aka VP, has disappeared. Well, not exactly disappeared, but the version that I met almost 16 years ago seems to have gone by the wayside. Something sinister has him in its tentacles, and I fear I am not strong enough to save him. It all started with something we … Continue reading

Some Random Things About Me

Readers, My head is buzzing right now. I think it’s that I attended my high school reunion, and it was an overwhelming experience in a lot of ways. (That or the three cups of coffee I had this morning. Maybe both.)  I am trying to process the experience of my first reunion in twenty years, … Continue reading

A Handy Guide to Attending Your Class Reunion

Readers, It’s reunion season again, and since I’m practically an expert, having attended one once, I thought I would take this opportunity to answer your very important reunion-related questions. You’re welcome. Question: Should I diet before my reunion? Answer: Absolutely. Take a tip from today’s “in-the-know” brides: Find a willing doctor, have him install a … Continue reading